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A Lovely Face ©2021, 116 pages, 22,000 words, 46 illustrations

Believe it or not, there is a better way to design computer typefaces, ones that are easier to use, more versatile, and beautiful as well. Consider BuGlobal. It is superior to standard computer typefaces because:


1. You can type eighty more characters that don't appear in standard computer typefaces. This includes every letter and every diacritic mark that appears in more than 80 English-variant languages worldwide. You can also type the diacritic marks and many already-existing characters more simply than in standard faces.

2. Its characters are aerodynamically easier to read and more restful on your eyes than those in other typefaces.

3. You can create dozens of fancy arabesques to make your typing look more attractive.

4. You do nothing different to install and use this typeface than you do with standard faces.

5. BuGlobal's user's guide, A Lovely Face, describes how to type each character and when to use them.