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The Author’s Residence

Frank Lloyd Wright said never locate a house on the crest of a hill but just below the crest, or you may lose both the house and the hill. So I placed my house just below the crest of a hill that rises just to the north. As a lover of Wright's work even before I entered architecture school, I have read every book he ever wrote and in the ensuing decades I have visited more than 200 of his buildings. So when I designed and built my house, I incorporated many of the Master's hallmark features, such as the lower walls of fieldstone masonry built of rocks I gathered on the property, the natural wood siding whose boards have never touched a drop of paint, and the 161-foot long ribbon window that wraps around more than three-quarters of the house. Wright would like these features, and during my dreamier moments I imagine he would commend me for my faith in his principles and my efforts to emulate them.