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Write Your Tale Off!, 204 pages, 6 illustrations

LOVERS OF WRITING, here is a new way to write well. This volume gets straight to the core of what you should know to write well: how to create some fifty literary devices whenever you want. Many books define these writing tools and give examples of each —but only this reference dismantles each to its elements so clearly you'll know exactly when and how to use it the instant your literary labor calls for it. Each lesson also includes one or more passages by usually famous authors that exemplify how to use each literary device to greatest effect. These passages include some of the world's finest writing and their pleasures alone are worth the book's price. No other publication is as elemental, comprehensive, and downright exciting as this. It will transform your writing from clumsily wondering what to do next to adroitly knowing how to compose each line —whether you are writing a note to a friend, an article for a local newspaper, or a book that could win a Pulitzer Prize.